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Welcome to a safe place for teens to grow!
Did you know you were born ON PURPOSE! The media is constantly bombarding you with false images of success. Young people are being taught that material things and famous jobs are what they should be striving for. Based on my third book, I am inviting you to go "Behind the Scenes!" of life with me to discover your gifts and talents. Everyone has a purpose, which if pursued, will bring them "success!"

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What's your dream?

Order a copy of the book today to start your journey "Behind the Scenes!" with Miss Veraunda.

Darren Austin- Mechanical Engineer, Siemens Energy Inc.

"Veraunda, It is always a pleasure to speak with your students. Your program provides an avenue for positive and realistic exposure to these young men and women at a time when it is most crucial. Keep up the good work."

Lt. Col. Jen Fullmer - United States Air Force

"Your book is a spectacular tool for teenagers, but also a very helpful guide for anyone who is transitioning in any part of their life and/or seeking change or anyone who is interested in taking the next step. BRAVO to you for having such a positive influence on so many lives. Your drive, passion, and straight-forward approach to everything is an inspiration!"

Life is a journey...let's travel it together!

Greetings! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!  I am Veraunda Jackson, an attorney, author and international speaker. I remember making a very big decision when I was a teenager. One night I was upset with my life. I was crying and lying in my bed praying. I remember telling God that I didn't ever want to have children if my children would have to feel this kind pain. Decades have passed since that night since I made that decision.  I don't have any children that I have birthed into this world. However, I have been blessed to come into contact with thousands of children in the United States and various parts of the world. What I have learned from all of my volunteering and working with young people is that we are all are on a journey that can be full of challenges.
The one thing I wish I had as a teenager was a different perspective of what my life meant and why I was here. I wish I had learned better ways to cope with my pain. I wish I had a better understanding of what success REALLY meant!
I have developed various ways of having honest conversations with teenagers to help YOU become successful. These are real options to the many obstacles you will face on your journey to becoming an adult. I want to inspire and empower you to dream big! Work hard! Stay focused! Live your dreams and fulfill your divine destiny! 

Looking for an engaging speaker for a youth event?  
I would love joining you to:

  • Conduct a "Behind the Scenes!" empowerment workshop for teens

  • Conduct a book discussion with teens

Signing photos at Camp Sib hosted by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Students answer Veraunda's questions about their dreams during
a Behind the Scenes workshop

Veraunda engages with students during "Behind the Scenes!" book signing

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