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"An affordable speaker with a
priceless message!"

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Veraunda has traveled the world delivering creative presentations that cause audiences to think out of the box! From auditoriums to more intimate events, her client and speaking engagement list is impressive. As an experienced professional, Veraunda will help make your event an engaging and empowering experience. Veraunda has spoken on hundreds of stages for a wide variety of organizations to include the U.S. Military,(to include the Air Force, Army, and U.S. Coast Guard), Internal Revenue Service, Federal Social Security Administration,  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Sprint, Walt Disney World, the WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association), Girl Scouts, Siemens, National Consortium of Academic and Sports, just to name a few.

Veraunda offers individualized presentations on topics, issues or themes requested within her areas of expertise.

Concert Crowd
"Veraunda makes you laugh and think about your situations to determine how much you are willing to pay for the things in your life you say you want!"
"Your presentation this morning was an inspiration! You were introduced as a motivational speaker, but I feel you should have been introduced as a motivational teacher. Not only was I inspired, I learned something as well! Keep up the great work!"
"Excellent presentation! Veraunda has an extraordinary ability to touch her audience through her speaking!"
“Ms. Jackson is the best instructor I have had in 26 years of law enforcement.”


Professional Development

  • How Much Can You Bench Press? Learn to manage daily struggles and manage your stress.
  • Out of Bounds - Ever deal with a difficult employee? What about having one person ruin the whole atmosphere in an office? Learn how to set boundaries for your employees and define roles within your company or organization. Start to repair the damage of one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel.
  • Careers Have A Price! Teach your employees how to succeed in the business world by reminding them that anything in life worth having, is worth working for.
  • You Never Know! - Everyday we have the opportunity to make a difference! Remind your employees about the importance of volunteering in the community, and not giving up on those who really need us
  • What Did You Say? - Do you have a problem with gossip and constant negativity in your office? Learn how to encourage positive communication in the workplace.
  • Respect Is Earned, Power Is Perceived! An enjoyable presentation on building positive leadership skills and boosting employee morale
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  • What's At Your Table? An interactive session on the true meaning of Diversity. Veraunda focuses on the importance of practicing inclusiveness through an environment of service and respect .
  • You Never Know! - Everyday we have the opportunity to make a difference! Remind your employees about the importance of volunteering in the community, and not giving up on those who really need us
  • Scared To Speak? A practical and enjoyable public speaking workshop. Learn how to be comfortable in front of an audience...and have fun doing it!
  • You Never Know Who You Know! A delightful and inspiring presentation on the importance of networking.
  • What Are You Waiting For? Practical ways to utilize time wisely and eliminate the belief there are not enough hours in the day.
  • Please Help Me Help You! When dealing with individuals in difficult situations, it is essential to have practical methods to help you remain professional with customers and clients.


Festival Crowd
The Crowd
"Thank you so much for opening up to complete strangers in your stress management workshop. It was very interesting and informative. I thought it was excellent and I believe hearing you will save some of our deputies' lives! I hope every department brings you to speak!"
Leadership Presentation
"I have had many experiences with stress management seminars and I expected the same old stuff from yours. But I was pleasantly surprised when you didn't follow the norm! You triggered my thinking process about the whole picture. Good for you Veraunda!
Clapping Audience
"You are one bold, unselfish gift to humanity! I can't imagine what it costs you to share yourself the way you do, but I am so glad you do! Your efforts are really appreciated!"
I wonder what weights of life you are bench pressing?
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Personal Enrichment for Conferences

  • Moments In Love! A unique discussion designed to build positive and healthy relationships.
  • Why Ride The Bus When You Can Drive It? Learn how to take Control of your destiny.
  • Who Says? Our young people are exposed to lots of negativity. Veraunda challenges our youth to learn how to overcome the negativity, identify their talents, and focus on making their dreams come true.
IMG_06841 (1)_edited.jpg
  • Don't Get Caught Up! A thought provoking presentation, encouraging youth to evaluate choices they make now that will have consequences later.
V red carpet with mic2.JPG
  • Journey To Justice! Great for any academic group or college students, this topic is an inspiring presentation on goal setting, diligence, time management and balance.
  • What Did You Say? Positive communication techniques for parents and children!
Veraunda reading book to military audience.jpg
  • Abuse is out of Bounds -Veraunda shares the importance of positive self-esteem in the fight against physical and emotional abuse.

"Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking awareness, prevention, and healing topics available upon request"

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